What people are saying about Winnipeg Poetry Slam

Comments about SLAM! at Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival in July 2017:


“If you’re looking for something different (but not too weird) to add to your Fringe experience, try this.”


“Poems at Saturday’s performance ranged from silly to serious, touching to tragic. The poets all delivered with style and polish, and not knowing anything about what they were about to say was part of the fun…

…If you have been to a slam before, you’ll enjoy this Fringe version. If you haven’t, then this is a perfect opportunity to test the waters.”


“They covered topics like love, death, inner demons, and even Batman. It can’t be predicted what could come up next, but take my word for it – I’m hooked on poetry slams.”

  • Diana Chabai, posted here


“First rule about a poetry slam:  no nudity.


What’s the point—let’s go home,
No want hear all them poem.

Oh too late, you must stay;
Grab a seat, do not stray.

Get some numbers, be a judge—
Judge be fair, numbers don’t fudge.

Poems, some good
Some seem coarse—
Soak them all!
Have no remorse.

Fingers go snap,

Hands go clap,
Poems be real—ain’t no rap;
Poets be real—ain’t no crap.

Some be grave;
Some be ham;
Good time crave?
Come to SLAM!”